Hiking in Tuscany

There are many things that naturally come to mind when you think of Tuscany: villas that offer picturesque views of vineyards and olive groves, winding roads, wine tasting and fabulous food. But, did you know that there’s a great way to work off all those calories from all that Italian food and wine? Because, as it happens, it is also a great place for hiking.

There are many hiking tours in the region that will lead you to some of the most wonderful sights. The hiking itself will be rewarding, but the real prize can be in treasures that lie at the end of the trail. There are hiking tours for every level of hiker, too.

One of the best hikes, designed for intermediate to advanced hikers, is the trek to Monte Forato – a great stone arch. Your hike starts at the small village of Fornovolasco, and you will hike up 800 meters during this 10 km hike. Along the way, you’ll see the ruins of an old watermill and of a medieval church. You’ll also pass a cave that legend called the entrance to hell, because of the strange sounds the water makes passing in the cave. When you reach the arch of Monte Forato, which is an impressive 12 meters high, you’ll have an unbelievable view out to the Tuscan coast to your west. If you’re planning to take this hike, there are several base camp choices in Tuscany. Villas are widely available in and around Fornovolasco.

Throughout Italy, there are 650 miles of paths collectively called the Monginevro to Rome. This trek goes from Canterbury to Rome, and is the path that the Archbishop of Canterbury followed as he came back from Rome after his investiture in 969. 220 miles of this road are in Tuscany. Villas are available in many areas near the trek, allowing hikers to experience just a little of the trail and come back to a home base; or travel a larger portion of the road, changing accommodations along the way. The trek is divided into stages of roughly 15 miles each. You can easily buy a trail guide that will help you navigate as much or as little of the path as you’d like.
Another wonderful hike is to the trek to the Mugello waterfall. This trek begins near Florence and will pass by a lake, rivers and beautiful forests before ending at the majestic waterfall. The hike is fairly easy, and can be completed in less than half a day.

For those who don’t want to hike alone, there are plenty of companies that offer hiking tours. It’s a great way to experience the vineyards, ruins, and coastline of Tuscany. Villa proprietors can often help you to find a good tour company in the area where you plan to stay. There’s so much to see in the beautiful region of Italy, it will certainly be hard to choose which places to see first. But, if you’re a hiking enthusiast, there is no doubt that you will want to experience some of th stunning region on foot.

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